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稳定压倒一切 Maintaining stability is of top priority

物质文明 material progress

物质文明建设和精神文明建设一起抓 pay attention to ethical as well as material progress

西部大开发 Western Development

西电东送 transmit the electricity from the western areas to East China; West-East electricity transmission project

西电东送 transmission of electricity from the western to the eastern region

形成全方位、多层次、宽领域的开放格局 form an all-directional, multi-layered and wide-ranging opening pattern

一个中心,两个基本点 one central task, two basic points

以经济建设为中心 focusing on the central task of economic construction

以权谋私 abuse of power for personal gains

一手抓物质文明,一手抓精神文明;一手抓经济建设,一手抓民主法制;一手抓改革开放,一手抓打击犯罪惩治腐败 We must always work for material progress and at the same time for cultural and ethical progress. We should develop the economy and at the same time strengthen democracy and the legal system. We should promote reform and opening to the outside world and at the same time fight crime and punish corruption.

有法可依,有法必依,执法必严,违法必究 There must be laws to go by, the laws must be observed and strictly enforced, and lawbreakers must be prosecuted.

有中国特色的社会主义道路 road of socialism with Chinese characteristics

有中国特色的社会主义民主政治 a socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics

与国际惯例接轨 become compatible with internationally accepted practices

与?#26412;?#36827; advance with the times(from www.ocvjp.tw)

政治合格,军事过硬,作风优良, 纪律严明,保障有力 be qualified politically and competent militarily, have a fine style of work, maintain strict discipline and be assured of adequate logistical support

政治协商、民主监督、参政议政 exercise political consultation and democratic supervision and participate in deliberating and administration of state affairs

抓住机遇,深化改革,扩大开放,促进发展,保?#27835;?#23450; seize the current opportunity, deepen the reform, open China wider to the outside world, promote development and maintain stability

综合国力 comprehensive national strength

干部队伍革命化、年轻化、知识化、专业化 make the ranks of cadres more revolutionary, younger in average age, better educated and professionally more competent



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