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缘分 predestined relationship

reason; cause; sake, relationship, edge; fringe, climb

无缘无故地 for no reason at all

血缘 blood relationship

人缘 relations with people

姻缘 predestined marriage

前世因缘 predestination

天赐良缘 a god-sent marriage; a good marriage arranged in Heaven

天缘巧合 a luck coincidence

投缘的?#22336;?#20204; congenial neighbors

化缘 beg for alms

有人缘 enjoy great popularity

喜结良缘 tie the nuptial knot

缔结姻缘 form marital tie

聊得投缘 talk congenially

有缘结识某人 be lucky to get acquainted with sb.

无缘结识某人 have no opportunity to get acquainted with sb.

与某人有一面之缘 happen to have met sb. once


婚姻是缘分。 A couple's conjugal fate is prearranged.

我在班里有人缘。→ I am popular with my classmates.

他们结婚是缘分。 It was destined that they would marry.

有缘终相逢。→ Fate brings together people who are far apart.

无缘不相逢。→ There is no meeting without predestination.

我与烟酒无缘。→ Smoking and drinking don't appeal to me.

好事似乎与他无缘。→ Good luck seemed to be wholly denied to him.

机缘凑巧,我找到一份工作。→ As luck would have it, I found a job.

对不起,?#39029;?#21040;了——因为改道的缘故。 Sorry I’m late there was a diversion.

我发?#32844;?#37324;有几个同学和我挺投缘。→ I found quite a few classmates congenial to me.

花径不曾缘客扫。 The garden path has never been cleared for the visit of a guest.

他们俩有情无缘。→ The are attracted to each other but are not fated to be conjugally tied.

我因健康的缘故不得已才退休了。→ I had to retire on medical grounds / on the grounds of ill health.

他们的结合是美满的姻缘。→ Their wedlock is a happy marriage.(from www.ocvjp.tw)

不识庐山真面目,只缘身在此?#34903;小?/FONT> I can't tell the true shape of Lu Shan because I myself am on the mountain.

有缘千里来相会,无缘对面不相逢。→ As decreed by providence you have met him; otherwise you might have failed although you traveled a long way.

世上没有无缘无故的爱,也没有无缘无故的恨。 There is absolutely no such thing as love or hatred without any reason or cause.

真遗憾,我们一直无缘相见。 It is a pity that we have no opportunity to meet each other.

科学家不断地把知识领域的边缘向外扩展。→ Scientists continue to push back the boundaries of knowledge.

在这家商行里想增加工?#22987;?#30452;是缘木求鱼。→ Getting a pay rise in this firm is like getting blood from a stone.

千里姻缘一线牵。→ Two beings destined to marry each other, though thousands of miles apart, are tied together with an invisible red thread by an old man under the moonlight.

他唯一出风头的事是他与斯大林有一面之缘。→ His only claim to fame is that he once met Stalin.


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