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Direction: In each question decide which of the four choices given will most suitably complete the sentence if inserted at the place marked. Put the letter of your choice in the ANSWER SHEET. (25%)

1. Thomas Wolfe portrayed people so that you came to know their yearnings, their impulses, and their warts—this was effective ________.

A. motivation            B. point of view        C. characterization         D. background

2. The appeal to the senses known as ________ is especially common in poetry.

A. imaginative           B. imaginable             C. ingenious                 D. imagery

3. If you’ve got a complaint, the best thing is to see the person concerned and ________ with him.

A. tell it                     B. have it out             C. say it                      D. have it known

4. There have been several attempts to introduce gayer colours and styles in men’s clothing, but none of them ________.

A. has caught on         B. has caught him out  C. has caught up         D. take roots

5. The retired engineer plunked down $ 50,000 in cash for a mid-size Mercedes as a present for his wife—a purchase ________, with money made in the stock market the week before.

A. paid off                   B. paid through           C. paid cut                D. paid for

6. He has courage all right, but in matters requiring judgment, he has often been found sadly________.

A. lack it                      B. absent                   C. in need of it           D. wanting

7. Danis Hayes raised the essential paradox and asked how people could have fought so hard against environmental degradation ________ themselves now on the verge of losing the war.

A. only found                B. finding only           C. only to find           D. have only found

8. The once separate issue of environment and development are now ________ linked.

A. intangible                   B. indispensable        C. inextricably            D. incredibly

9. The need to see that justice is done ________ every decision made in the courts.

A. implants into              B. imposes on            C. impinges upon       D. imprecates upon

10. Two thirds of the US basketball players are black, and the number would be greater________ the continuing practice of picking white bench warmers for the sake of balance.

A. was it not because of                                   B. had it not been for

C. ware it not for                                             D. would it not have been for

11. No one would have time to read or listen to an account of everything ________ going on in the world.

A. it is                           B. there is                   C. as is                    D. what is

12. If there is the need to compete in a crowd, to battle ________ the edge the surest strategy is to develop the unexpected.

A. on                              B. for                        C. against                  D. with

13. Just as there are occupations that require college or even higher degrees ________. occupations for which technical training is necessary.

A. so too there are         B. so also there are       C. so there are too   D. so too are there

14. It is a myth that the law permits the Food and Drug Administration to ignore requirements for ________ drugs while brand-name drugs still must meet these rigid tests.

A. specific                     B. generic                   C. intricate               D. acrid

15. The very biggest and most murderous wars during the industrial age were intra-industrial-wars that ________ Second Wave nations like Germany and Britain against one another.

A. pitted                         B. drove                    C. kept                    D. embarked


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