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Directions: There are 40 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence.

1. The opinions of his peers are more important to her than her parents’ idea.

A. friends                                          B. equals

C. enemies                                         D. bosses

2. After we join the WTO, the situation that our automobile industry depends for its survival on government subsidies will be changed.

A. financial aid                                    B. personnel support

C. spiritual encouragement                   D. partial taxation

3. My salary has been raised to 100,000 yuan a year, but there is a proportionate increase in my income tax.

A. dramatic                                        B. undesirable

C. perpetual                                        D. proportional

4. Henry David Thoreau used to ramble through the woods before he wrote his most famous book Walden (1854).

A. study                                             B. live

C. read aloud                                      D. wander

5. Despite the pressure from the president, the provincial government insisted on its autonomous jurisdiction.

A. regional                                          B. obstinate

C. willful                                            D. legal

6. All programs celebrating the Spring Festival in the CCTV have been relayed to even’ part of the world through satellites.

A. received                                         B. reserved

C. rebroadcast                                    D. enjoyed

7. You must be drunk last night. Otherwise how did you manage to drive into a stationary vehicle?

A. official                                           B. police

C. parked                                           D. running

8. To create a democratic atmosphere in the company, the manager should always be accessible to his staff.

A. fair                                                 B. equal

C. acceptable                                       D. approachable

9. The newly imported machine doesn’t work in ambient humidity of 50 degrees.

A. approximate                                     B. surrounding

C. convenient                                       D. high

10. Many students are signing the petition against building a steelworks near the school.

A. names                                              B. agreement

C. request                                             D. disapproval

11. Your appraisal of the current situation is quite different from mine.

A. optimistic                                          B. compliment

C. agreement                                         D. estimate

12. They are boycotting the store because the workers are on strike.

A. looting                                              B. banning

C. protecting                                          D. destroying

13. In the final contest, two athletes are contending for the championship.

A. satisfying                                          B. happy

C. competing                                         D. quarreling

14. The computer’s value will depreciate by half in the first year.

A. decrease                                            B. increase

C. keep low                                            D. fluctuate

15. China Telecom is about to embark on a major program of computerization.

A. propaganda                                        B. finish

C. purchase                                            D. undertake


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