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Part II Vocabulary (10%)

Directions: Below each sentence, there are four words marked A. B. C and D. Choose the one that is closest in meaning to the underlined word in the sentence or that best completes the sentence. Write the corresponding letter on your Answer Sheet.

21. Smith’s position in this agency provides him with authority to award contracts and to ________ obligations for payment of bills as well.

A. incure                                       B. support

C. resume                                     D. incite

22. For all her rich experience in practicing law, the lawyer failed to pry much information out of the ________ witness.

A. sophisticated                             B. sober   

C. obstinate                                   D. gloomy

23. Shanghai Orient Men Basketball Team attributed its ________ National League Basketball Tournament in 2002 to a number of ________ factors.

A. losing... ominous                       B. embarrassing... optimistic

C. winning... advantageous             D. winning... adventurous

24. A(n) ________ of employment opportunities ________ prospective employees entering the job market.

A. excess... impedes                      B. surfeit... hinder        

C. lack…inspires                           D. dearth... discourages

25. Anyone who believes that war is stupid and unnecessary thinks that to lose one’s life on the battlefield is ________.

A. glorious                                      B. futitle

C. heroic                                        D. courageous

26. Unruly people may well become ________ if they are dealt with ________ by the people around them.

A. composed... respect                     B. clam... irritation

C. angry... benevolence                     D. dangerous... favoured

27. I was absolutely ________ when I received a C on the exam in mathematics, for I was positive that I could have got an A.

A. elated                                          B. frustrated

C. incited                                         D. contented

28. In this youthhood, Jack was withdrawn, preferring the company of books to that of people; consequently, in his adulthood Jack was socially ________.

A. successful                                    B. uninhibited

C. tranquil                                         D. inept

29. Scientists believe that a conclusion which is drawn readily before all of the relevant data are collected, analyzed and contemplated is called ________.

A. insincere                                       B. premise

C. premature                                     D. presumption

30. The advancement of science and technology has demonstrated that a fact appearing to contradict to certain theory may actually be ________ a more advanced formulation of that theory.

A. consistent with                              B. in opposition to

C. eliminated by                                 D. incompatible with


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