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Direction: In each question decide which of the four choices given will most suitably complete the sentence if inserted at the place marked. Put the letter of your choice in the ANSWER SHEET. (20%)

1. The doctor’s ________ is that she’ll soon be as good as new if she takes insulin and watches her diet.

A. agnosticism                             B. anticipation 

C. diagnosis                                 D. prognosis

2. It is ________ understood by all concerned that the word no one who visits him ever breathe a syllable of m his hearing will remain forever unspoken.

A. uncommunicatively                   B. acceptably

C. tacitly                                      D. taciturnly

3. ________ springs not out of true and deep admiration, but more often out of a self-seeking wish to identify with someone important or famous.

A. A compliment                           B. An adulatory

C. Flattery                                    D. Praise

4. Leaving for work m plenty of time to catch the train will ________ worry about being late.

A. rule off                                    B. prevent   

C. avoid                                       D. obviate

5. Nicholas Chauvin, a French soldier, aired his veneration of Napoleon Bonaparte so ________ and unceasingly that he became the laughingstock of all people in Europe.

A. vociferously                             B. patriotically

C. verbosely                                 D. loquaciously

6. People suffering from ________ prefer to stay shut in their homes and become panic-stricken m large public buildings and open fields.

A, acrophobia                               B. agoraphobia

C. claustrophobia                          D. xenophobia

7. All normal human beings are ________ at least to a degree --they get a feeling of warmth and kinship from engaging in group activities.

A. segregated                                B. congregational

C, gregarious                                 D. egregious

8. He is ________ drinker, who has been imbibing for so long that he has figuratively speaking, grown old with the vice.

A. an inveterate                              B. an incorrigible

C. a chronic                                   D. an unconscionable

9. We listened dumb-struck, full of________, to the shocking details of the corruption of the ex-president of the compare.

A. incredality                                  B. ingenuity

C. ingenuousness                            D. incredibility

10. Too much ________ can possibly lead to unhappiness, even to thoughts of suicide as few people have the courage to analyze themselves objectively and minutely.

A. retrospect                                  B. retrospection

C. perspicacity                               D. perspicuity

11. Hydrocarbons, ________ by engine exhausts, react with nitrogen oxides in the presence of sunlight to form complex toxic gases.

A. are given off                              B. give off

C. they are given off                       D. given off

12. He could hardly ________his temper when he saw the state of his office.

A. hold in                                       B. hold up 

C. hold off                                     D. hold out


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